Meet Dr. Robert Argentieri

Robert Argentieri, DDS

My profession, dentistry, is truly rewarding – and the psychological reward is immediate. A successful treatment or correct diagnosis has an instant, positive effect on the life of our patient. Further, the effect of our whole team working together to create a positive result for our patient is so much greater than any of us could accomplish individually!

I graduated from dental school in 1974. I followed in the footsteps of my father, who was a 1942 graduate of Georgetown Dental and was a brilliant clinician and a leader in the profession. Growing up, with an uncle who was a physician, an aunt who was a dental hygienist, and my father as a role model, I knew I wanted to go into healthcare. I decided on dentistry while in college and now, 45 years later, can happily say I have never regretted that decision.

The personal connections that have develop over the decades, as patients have become friends, make me eager to see them again. I am now caring for the grandchildren of some of my first patients; it is a blessing to see these families grow and prosper, and to play a small part in their lives.

My team and I, working together with our patients, can cure disease, relieve pain, increase comfort and self-assurance in the patient, and make them feel better about themselves. At the end of every day, it is a blessing to know we have helped the people who have come to us for care.

Education and Professional Activities

The practice of dentistry has undergone remarkable changes since I finished dental school. New technologies, materials, techniques, and equipment enable dentists to deliver care that was previously unimaginable. I am currently able to perform procedures that were unknown at the beginning of my career, and to deliver care that is more focused, comfortable, and ensures lasting results.

To paraphrase G. V. Black, the father of modern dentistry, “The professional has no choice to be other than a lifelong student.”

In order to keep up with the accelerating pace of developments in the profession and in the technologies, it is vitally important to read, attend seminars and lectures, and participate in hands-on training. I cannot deliver state-of-the-art treatment unless I have studied the latest research and findings.

In addition to participating in several study clubs, I take courses through the Northern Virginia Dental Society continuing education programs.

I am an active member of the:

And I volunteer at the:

  • NOVA Clinic
  • RAM-MOM Clinic in Wise, VA
  • Somos Amigos Medical Missionaries Clinic in Naranjito, DM
  • Hopital de Bienfaisance in Pignon, Haiti

Beyond the Practice

My wife Anne, who was my Office Manager for several decades, was finally able to retire. She now divides her time between quilting and helping care for our two grandchildren.

We have four children, all graduates of West Springfield High School: Danny is a translator for Children’s Hospital; Chris is a contractor at Booze-Allen; Mike’s a geologist for an engineering firm; and Beth is a high school math teacher. Anne and I share our home in Fairfax Station with a dog and cat, as well: the cat is the boss.

We have a second home in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Yard work and maintenance of two houses keeps me busy, but there’s also time for kayaking, SUPing, and beach time in the summer and skiing in the winter. I’m a constant reader, especially of history, psychology, and social anthropology. And there’s pulp fiction and current events, too.

Travel and volunteer dentistry are also favorite activities.

Giving Back

Dentistry, and this community, have provided my family and me with everything we have. I believe it is imperative that those of us who have much share with those in need.

My practice does a lot of pro bono or reduced-fee dentistry, including participating in the Donated Dental Services program of the Virginia Dental Association. I also work in and for the Northern Virginia Clinic, a volunteer effort of the Northern Virginia Dental Society, and participate in the Mission of Mercy free dental clinic in Wise, VA, each July.