Meet the Team

"I selected my team members based on their empathy and commitment to excellence. They are all very caring individuals and have received extensive and intensive training in their areas of responsibility. They are all invested in the belief that the patient is the most important person in the office and that we must work together to make the patient experience the best it can be."

-Dr. Alcantara


Front Office


Office Manager

Our office is a collaboration between the staff and doctors. We support each other to build a strong practice community, allowing us to provide the best service to our patients. As the office manager, my goal is to maintain an efficient, harmonious, and compassionate work environment for the doctors, staff, and patients. In order to achieve that, I handle a range of administrative duties, including staff scheduling, meetings, trainings, and continuing education. I also oversee our marketing, budgeting, and planning.

When I’m not at the office, my priority is time with my husband and two beautiful daughters. We love to travel. I also love hiking, playing golf, and trying different types of food.



Administrator – Financial Coordinator

I love that I get to be a part of helping people make that first step toward the healthy and beautiful smile they have always wanted. I work with patients on financials, including payment plans and insurance. I file their insurance claims and follow up with the companies to make sure patients get the most from their benefits. I also handle administrative tasks as needed.

I’m from Peru. When I’m not in the office, I love to spend time with my family and friends. I also like to read books about self-discovery. My passion, though, is salsa dance.



Administrator/Registered Dental Hygienist

I enjoy working in the health field and truly appreciate the opportunity to help patients. As a hygienist, I provide a range of clinical hygiene procedures, which includes cancer screenings, taking X-rays, providing cleanings and periodontal therapy, and providing patient education and counseling.

As an administrator for the office, I am passionate about making sure patients receive quality service and attention from the moment they walk in our door. I handle accounts receivable and filing insurance claims and follow up to make sure patients receive the most out of their benefits. I also have fun managing all social media for the practice, along with performing general administrative tasks as needed.

Outside the office, I share my life with my two beautiful little girls, husband, and our two dogs. I absolutely love being a mom and enjoy working part-time so I have time with my loved ones.



Sae Rynn

I love building relationships with people, so meeting and greeting both long-time and new patients in our community is an aspect of my role that I really enjoy. Coming to the dentist may not always be the most exciting part of someone’s day, but it brings me joy to contribute to making the experience as pleasant as possible for our patients from the time of scheduling to walking out after an appointment.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, volunteering/teaching, and learning about different cultures through languages, music, and food. I also try to stay as active as I can and love hiking a nice trail with a beautiful view.


Dental Hygienists



Registered Dental Hygienist

When a patient comes for a recall visit and I see the improvement in their oral health, I’m pleased. It’s rewarding to know the care we provide makes a difference. As a hygienist, I deliver preventive treatment to patients, including prophys (cleanings), periodontal therapy, cavity prevention, and oral cancer screenings. I also offer patient education about dental hygiene and nutrition.

When not working, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, as well as gardening and cooking.



Registered Dental Hygienist

I enjoy connecting with patients and helping them achieve a healthy and beautiful smile. I hope all our patients leave with a positive and comfortable experience from our dental office. As a hygienist, I believe in educating patients about the importance of oral heath to help achieve great overall health. I look forward to meeting all my patients!

When I’m not at the office, I enjoy cooking and meeting with my friends for food and board games. I also love Broadway musicals and traveling when I can.


Dental Assistants


Dental Assistant

I am passionate about healthy teeth, and want to educate our patients about the best ways to preserve their smile for a lifetime! I work alongside Drs. Argentieri and Alcantara with all aspects of patient care, including restorations and cosmetic procedures. I love working with two great dentists and our team because everyone is unique, kind, friendly, and always supporting each other. I learn something new every day and look forward to acquiring even more knowledge and skills as my career progresses.

I am a proud mother of two young daughters, and love spending quality time with them and concentrating on healthy living. I also enjoy traveling back home to the Philippines with my daughters.



Dental Assistant

I like being able to help people during their visits, as well as working in our lab. I’m creative and like crafting, so fabricating temporary crowns to the doctor’s specifications is enjoyable. In addition to chairside assisting, I set up and clean the operatories, sterilize dental instruments, and process X-rays. I also track inventory, purchase dental supplies, and keep treatment records.



Dental Assistant

I enjoy everything about my work. It is fulfilling to build relationships with patients and educate them about their oral health while changing their smiles. I also like working with great doctors and teammates, constantly learning from one another, and knowing that what we do helps others. I clean the operatory and instruments, take and process digital X-rays, scan teeth, use our milling machine to create replacement teeth, and work in our in-house lab. I also give post-op instructions to patients.

I finished my DDS in Moscow, Russia, in 1995, and worked as a dentist for five and a half years in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. In 2003, I came to the USA. I worked for two years at another dental office and joined this practice in 2005.



Dental Assistant

As a dental assistant, I strive to help our patients feel comfortable and more at ease during their visits to our practice. In the process of doing so, I love meeting our patients and getting to know each and every one of them. It is truly rewarding to see the confidence that beautiful, healthy smiles bring to the faces of our patients as they walk out of the office. Some of my tasks as a dental assistant include chair-side assisting, taking x-rays, and cleaning and setting up operatories.

It is such a joy working alongside two wonderful dentists and experienced members of our team, since it provides an environment that promotes continuous learning and improvement. I aspire to become a dental hygienist in the future and plan on continuing my education in the dental field, so I appreciate the opportunity of working with a team that is dedicated to providing the highest level of care to everyone who comes to our practice.

Outside of the office, I enjoy traveling and going to new cafes in the area with my dog, Bailey. I also love spending time with family and friends.